Our support to children rescued from human trafficking

Asha Asram is one of three orphanages in Jharkhand, India that aims at rescuing children from poor living conditions and human trafficking. In a newfound partnership with the orphanage, we have found that there is great need to support the costs of room and board for the approximately 200 kids housed across 3 different locations. 

In our efforts, through donations and project development, we have been able to run multiple programs locally in support of these children. Some examples are donating bicycles to support girls' access to education and holding spoken English programs locally. Our health awareness and education seminars and introduction of eco-friendly menstrual cups to young teens have also worked to increased women's health awareness to adolescent girls without access to sophisticate healthcare. 

Again, these efforts-and more-are impossible without our donors. Contribute today to help us to continue supporting these shelters!

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