Our cervical cancer screening program

Cervical cancer is one of the leading  causes of death in the developing countries. Our efforts to combat these circumstances birthed a project that began in 2014 and continues to be implemented today. We have developed the framework for cervical cancer screening camps at no cost to women in India through training local doctors and instituting safe and cost effective screening methods in an efficient way. Since 2014, with the help of the local Indian Medical Association, we have trained several local medical personnel to continue holding camps independently. As a result of our efforts, we have been able to provide screenings for thousands of under-served women in rural areas of Jharkhand State in India.

Our cervical cancer prevention camps would be impossible without your support and contributions. From donations, we have been able to fund the implementation of safe cervical cancer screening methods in areas to make a change in the way global healthcare is benefiting under-served populations and making a difference. Your generous donation will fund our mission. Please consider donating to fund our cervical cancer prevention efforts!

Most recently our President Dr.Sangeeta Sinha, Board Members Dr.Vijay Kumar and Dr.Promita RoyChoudhary presented a poster at the Consortium of Universities for Global Health's 10th Annual conference in Chicago. 

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